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Alsbacher Document  
Moses ALSBACHER (1805) married Jetta from Saxony and had one child born in Unsleben, Bavaria: Jetta (1838). In 1839, they immigrated to America, settled in Cleveland, and had three more children: Isaac (1840), Hannah (1845), and Matilda (1847).
  Jetta ALSBACHER, also known as Julia, died single in Cleveland in 1889.
  Isaac ALSBACHER married Rebecca KLEIN, daughter of Abraham and Caroline nee GOLDSMITH, and had six children: Moses (1874), Harry (1878), Sidney (1880), David Darwin (1882), Jessie (1888), and Rena (1890). He died in Cleveland in 1903.
    Moses ALSBACHER, an insurance salesman, died single in Cleveland in 1935.
Harry ALSBACHER died single in Cleveland in 1926.
Sidney ALSBACHER, a meat dealer, died single in Cleveland in 1943.
David ALSBACHER, a physician, died single in Cleveland in 1946.
Jessie ALSBACHER died single in Cleveland in 1969.
Rena ALSBACHER died single in Cleveland Heights in 1977.
  Hannah ALSBACHER married Nathan NATHAN (not a typo) from Saginaw, Michigan, and died a widow in Cleveland in 1910.
  Matilda ALSBACHER married Hugo RUKEYSER and had at least two children born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Minnie (1880) and Moses (1882). She died a widow in Bratenahl, Ohio, in 1917.


WRHS has in its files an acknowledgment letter from Meredith B. Colket, Jr., WRHS Director, to Judah Rubinstein at the Jewish Community Federation, dated May 22, 1976.





Cleveland Necrology File

Id#: 0004045
Name: Alsbacher, Moses
Date: 1905
Source: Cemetery record;  Cleveland Necrology File, Reel #002.
Notes: Mayfield Jewish Cemetery Cleveland Hts., Ohio.

wife Yetta Plain Dealer death notice 2/11/1892 72 years  358 Woodland (born 1820)

Yetta leaves her estate to daughter Matilda/ One child in court protests. (As only living children are Isaac in Cleveland and Hanna in Saginaw Michigan and attorney Emil Joseph and Isaac are in Tifereth Israel, we will assume it was Isaac.)

Moses wife Yetta's died 2-10-1892
will (PD 2-17-1892) gave it all to Matilda Rukeyser  one child hired att Emil Joseph saying that the will was unfair

daughter Julia (Jetta) died ?

Mayfield Cemetery  section 4    row 94 grave 3

Hanna married 1870

Matilda married Hugo Rukeyser  Hugo (from Russia) died 1883 (left with two children, ages 1 and 3. 

Isaac died 1903 age 63 lived at 341 woodland






In 1880

meat shop 362 woodland 1885

1903 Isaac A  Dec 27, 1903 died age 63

funeral service at Mayfield Chapel Sunday Dec 27  probably died Sat 12/26

residence 341 Woodland

Jan 8 will noted

1931 Feb 7, 1931 Rebecca (Rena's mother) died funeral from Deutsch's Funeral Home (the on East 55th)


1912 PD story Dr David had his offices in home (later moved offices to 30th and Woodland

Translated by Rabbi Stephen Sherman of Hillel (died 1957)



1943 Sidney A obituary    mentions Dr David Jessie and Rena 2241 Woodland


by 1967 Boy Scout Council 2241 Woodland

He had six children. All six lived their whole adult lives in the family home on East 22 and Woodland. None of them married. Only two left, spinsters. They had to leave when in the 1960s the house was demolished to clear land now used for the Boy Scout building just past the Community College.



Centennial  PD 10/25/1937 page 5 editorial  read link bookmark   link from email



Abe Nebel born Dec 17, 1891 died August 1973  82

Jessica Blanche Peixotto, economist and author by Abraham Lincoln Nebel (- 1966)

Rena Alsbacher  born Dec 9, 1887, died July 1977 age 89

Jessie Alsbacher born August 1, 1885 died March 15, 1969 age 83

Abe Nebel

wife Cora  descendant from Jacob L Richard, said to be a founder of Anshe Chesed

From Peskin This Tempting Freedom  charter members of Anshe Chesed 1846


2241 Woodland


St. Joseph's Franciscan Church  on Woodland and E 23  1873-1993

Nebel picture perhaps 1960

Call to Chuck Cohen July 1, 2011

age 83

Father-in-law loved history. Often, when traveling around northeast Ohio, he would take time from visiting customers and prospective customers to spend time visiting cemeteries.

Married in 19060. Showed him his memorabilia collection and it included Alsbacher document.

Worked with Judah Rubinstein

Rubinstein link

PD July 2, 1961 Cleveland's First Jewish Settler   link

"Abe L. Nebel, whose home at 3259 Dorchester Road, Shaker Heights, is filled with documents for a history of Cleveland Jews he



1980 city directory shows Jessie and Rena at 13726 Cedar Road, a brick two-story two-family home on Cedar near Washington.

1968 together still, Apt 140 20550 University Blvd, near Fairmount Circle  garden apartment.

1972 Jewish Encyclopedia article on Cleveland does not mention it

But Peskin, in his 1973 work "This Tempting Freedom" thanks Federation for it and uses the "Federation translation"

1937 Jewish Centennial Committee
"The Jewish Community of Cleveland Historical Digest 1837 - 1937"   Leo Weidenthal

AD not mentioned, but text about Moses Alsbacher mentions that descendants still live in house. As report (which gives no credit to ALN or other authors) published 1937 uses ALN's findings, we can date his visit (and his "awarded with" to 1937.

Home info (

4 bedroom, 2 bath centra; air, two family, multiple occupancy, built 1954 University Heights

Was AD displayed in CPL exhibit?


JI October issues (exhibit)

Cleveland Herald Oct 15, 1937 mention of exhibit

ALN archive:
invitation to Cent Committee,
original translation,
Nobel's own notes (awarded)

Judah Rubenstein archives








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