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Ship's manifest

SS Freisland, sailing from Liverpool, England on November 9, 1910
Arrived in Phildelphia November 21 - a twelve day crossing.

Minnie is listed as Mindel, 44 years old, able to read and write and for "Race or People" she was Hebrew. Below her name will be found Mische (14 years), Sore (10), Leif (8) and Ruche (11 months). To see page 30 of the manifest, click here.

Sam is not found on the manifest. But the facing page (31) says:
"Husband S. Klausner 2528 East 30th Street. Cleveland Oh" then follows a hard-to-read note "Husband five months .... 2 weeks ago"
So Sam had gone on ahead!
To see page 31 of the manifest, click here.  Minnie is on line 7.

What city were they from?

Very hard to read what the ship's manifest said was the city Minnie was from.

Then after much searching, this page on told us!

Borshchagovka, Ukraine
Alternate names: Borshchagovka [Rus], Borshivka [Yid], Borszczahˇwka [Pol], Borshchahivka [Ukr], Borscahivka, Borshagovka
Region: Kiev
This town was 9 miles northwest of Tetiev (Tetiyev)
Jewish population in 1900 = 1,833

more on this town

map (Tetiev - spelled Tetiiv) will be seen 9 miles to the southeast

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above and below 1920 census forms
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Enlarged census forms, reassembled to list the children below the parents.
Sam and Minnie are listed at 2712 (street not yet known), as arriving in 1910, and ages 52 and 50. The center of the form (shown above only) shows their native language as Yiddish and their country of origin as Russia. Sam and his two older sons Ben and Jake are listed as peddlers and self-employed.


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1930 census form: Sam and Minnie



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