Aaron Garber Library



Webkeeper's note    

The website of the Siegal College of Jewish Studies gave the Aaron Garber Library excellent support with ten pages, including a link to its online catalog which can be accessed through OhioLINK.

But by the summer of 2013 the college had closed and its adult education functions had become the Siegal Lifelong Learning program at Case Western Reserve University which was now supported by a CWRU site www.SiegalLifelongLearning.org 

In June 2013 the old Siegal College website was taken off line. Though the JECC (www.JECC.org) had been given responsibility for the library 17 months earlier (CJN February 3, 2012), it had not given the library web coverage.

Almost overnight the Aaron Garber Library lost its web presence. A search would find only the old Siegal College pages, but clicking on those links would display "page not found" errors.

When my inquiries revealed that the JECC had no plans to add web pages for the library, my concern was that library use would decline further without a web presence. Thus in July 2013 I created a new website www.GarberLibrary.org.

The JECC and Access Jewish Cleveland linked to it. The site is no longer active, but its Home, History and Virtual Tour pages have been saved here.

Arnold Berger   September 2014

Below: A full size image of the Home page of the Aaron Garber Library website.
Its purple color honors the memory of Rebecca Meyer.