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Cleveland's Synagogues
Euclid Avenue Temple (Anshe Chesed)


In March 1912, under the leadership of Rabbi Louis Wolsey, Anshe Chesed Congregation moved from its building on Scovill Avenue at Henry Street to its new home at Euclid Avenue and East 82nd Street where it would be known as the Euclid Avenue Temple.  The old building, at what is today Community College Avenue and East 25th Street, is gone, its land part of the College.

Barnett Brickner became rabbi of the congregation in 1925. In the 1930s and 40s many would refer to the congregation as "Brickner's Temple". In 1957 it left this building and moved to Fairmount Boulevard in Beachwood where it is now known as Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple.

The Euclid Avenue building is now owned by Liberty Hill Baptist Church.

Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple honors its past with regular visits to the old Euclid Avenue Temple.


Enlarged copy of an picture postcard, circa 1916, showing the Euclid Avenue Temple.
It was dedicated in 1912, at Euclid Avenue and East 82nd Street in Cleveland.
Note "Sixth City" in the upper right. The 1920 census would show Cleveland as the nation's fifth largest city.

The Tiffany windows on the Eastern wall of the sanctuary.

The Tiffany windows on the Western wall of the sanctuary.

The eight Tiffany memorial windows  For larger images of these windows, click here.

The balcony at the rear of the sanctuary.

The front of the sanctuary with choir loft and organ.

Looking up from the center of the sanctuary.

The auditorium seats 1,200.

Photos: Arnold Berger 


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