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Cleveland's Jewish Cemeteries


Almost all the land that today is Mayfield Cemetery was one holding of more than 20 acres. Three transactions were involved:

1) Jacob Mandelbaum buys the land from Sarah and Daniel Doty.

2) Jacob Mandelbaum sells the land to Tifereth Israel.

3) Tifereth Israel conveys a half-interest to Anshe Chesed Congregation.

Deeds were recorded by hand on numbered pages in bound books in the office of the Cuyahoga County Recorder. They can be searched online at the Department of the Recorder. [ link ] (Since the 2010 reorganization of county government the Recorder is no longer an elected office.)

Though many 19th century deeds for churches are found under the name of the church, with few exceptions the synagogue deeds we have found are recorded as by individuals. Example: in the original purchase, the buyer was not Congregation Tifereth Israel (or the Huron Road Synagogue, as it was often called), but Jacob Mandelbaum. This makes searches difficult. Until Pat Corrigan furnished that name to us we had looked at hundreds of deeds without success.  (Even Anshe Chesed's sale of its Eagle Street Synagogue to B'nai Jeshurun is indexed as Julius Westheimer (an Anshe Chesed trustee) to Herman Sampliner (B'nai Jeshurun trustee).

To learn more about "chains", "links" and other terms mentioned in the property descriptions, click here.


August 3, 1887
Mayfield Cemetery land purchased

Jacob Mandelbaum buys 20.649 acres in the Township of East Cleveland from Sarah L. and Daniel Doty for $6,194.70 ($300 per acre) for Tifereth Israel

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September 3, 1887
Mayfield Cemetery land deeded to Tifereth Israel Congregation

One month later Jacob Mandelbaum and his wife Amelia transfer ownership at the 20.649 acres at the same price of $300 per acre to Henry Richmond President and Felix Einstein Treasurer of the Tifereth Israel Congregation

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October 8, 1890
Tifereth Israel conveys half-interest to Anshe Chesed

Three years later M Grossman, President and Felix Einstein, Treasurer of Tifereth Israel transfer a half interest in the Mayfield Cemetery and their half-acre cemetery on Willet Street on the West Side to Anshe Chesed. We assume that another deed records Anshe Chesed giving half-interest in its one acre cemetery on Willet Street to Tifereth Israel. The two congregations would now have equal shares in the old and new cemeteries. No consideration is specified.


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