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Har HaMenuchot, Jerusalem

Rabbi Israel Porath and his wife Peshe Miriam Ticktin are buried side by side in Har HaMenuchot Cemetery in Jerusalem. As you walk up the path there are the graves of his brother Noach, then father Arye-Lieb, then Harav Yisrael and finally HaRabanit Miriam.

Har HaMenuchot (Hebrew הר המנוחות‎) means "Mount of Rest". It is the largest cemetery in Israel. Opened in 1951, it has expanded often and, as of 2008, held more than 150,000 graves.

As in other Jewish cemeteries in Jerusalem, the plots on Har HaMenuchot consist of an underground grave topped by a rectangular platform of poured concrete, faced with stone tiles, that rises 2 feet (0.61 m) or more above-ground. The name, date and praises of the deceased are inscribed on the top panel and occasionally on the sides.

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the Wikipedia entry on Har HaManuchot

Grave of Rabbi Israel Porath

Here lies our beloved father and brother
The great gaon [scholar], Born in Jerusalem
Rabbi Israel Porath
Son of Aryeh Leib, May the memory of a righteous man be for a blessing
Head of the Rabbis of Cleveland, Ohio
And author of seven volumes of Mavo HaTalmud
Who returned his pure soul to his Creator
On the eve of the seventh day of Passover 5734
May his soul be wrapped up In the bond of eternal life

Grave of Rebbetzin Peshe Miriam Porath

Here lies the righteous rabbi's wife with words of loving kindness on her tongue for her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren Mrs. Peshe Miriam Porath
Daughter of Yitzchak Yaakov, May the memory of a righteous man be for a blessing Sister of the great gaon [scholar] Rabbi David Tiktin, May the memory of a righteous man be for a blessing
And wife of Rabbi Israel Porath
Returned to her eternal home in the 68th year of their marriage 8 Kislev 5734
May her soul be bound up In the bond of eternal life

Grave photos: Paul Porath  Headstone translations: Rabbi Jonathan Porath