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"Family Tree" Information

Arye Leib Porath
b. about 1865 (תרכ"ה)  in Jerusalem
d. September 28, 1957 (ג' תשרי תשי"ח) in Jerusalem
   buried - Har Hamenuchot, Jerusalem

Arye Lieb's parents, Yosef and Malka Porath, came to Palestine from Lithuania in 1837

Sarah Henya Sharshevesky
   b. in Jerusalem
   d. Feb. 20, 1945 (ז' אדר תש"ה) in Jerusalem
   buried - Mount of Olives, Jerusalem
Rabbi Israel Porath had 3 brothers and 3 sisters
   b. July 4, 1886 (א' תמוז תרמ"ו) in Jerusalem
   Married September 15, 1905 (ט"ו אלול תרס"ה) in Jerusalem to
Pesha Miriam Tiktin 
      b. May 18, 1886 (י"ג אייר תרמ"ו) in Tiktin, Poland
      d. December 3, 1973 (ח' כסלו תשל"ד) in Cleveland Heights, Ohio
      buried - Har Hamenuchot, Jerusalem
d. April 12, 1974 (כ' ניסן תשל"ד) in Cleveland Heights, Ohio
    buried - Har Hamenuchot, Jerusalem
1st born son:
Rabbi Samuel Isaac (Sam) Porrath
 b. April 1908 (כ"א ניסן תרס"ח) in Jerusalem
   Married to
Tibey Gellman
     b. December, 1911 (ב' טבת תרע"ב)
     d. December 2, 2002 (כ"ח כסלו תשס"ג) in Niagara Falls, New York
         buried - Temple Beth Israel Cemetery, Lewiston, N.Y.
d. May 13, 1989 (ט' אייר תשמ"ט) in Niagara Falls, New York
    buried - Temple Beth Israel Cemetery, Lewiston, N.Y.
Yosef (Joe) Porath
b. August 1913 (ז' אב תרע"ג) in Jerusalem
Married to
Sarah Sheinberg
      b. December 1907 (ה' טבת תרס"ח) in Bogrebishtsh, Ukraine
      d. November 27, 1993 (י"ג כסלו תשנ"ד) in Century City, Florida
      buried - Shalom Gardens, Hallandale, Florida

d. December 9, 1963 (כ"ג כסלו תשכ"ד) in Cleveland, Ohio
   buried - Park Synagogue Cemetery, Beachwood, Ohio
Rabbi Tzvi Chaim Porath
b. December, 1916 (כ"ז כסלו תרע"ז) in Jerusalem
   Married November 2, 1942 (כ"ב חשון תש"ג) to
Esther Levine
      b. (still living)
d. December 01, 2007 (כ"א כסלו תשס"ח) in Jerusalem, Israel
    buried - Har Hamenuchot, Jerusalem
Ben Tzion (Benny) Albert (Elimelech Ben Tzion) Porath
b. July 1919 (י"א תמוז תרע"ט) in Jerusalem
    Married to
    Lee Lazarovitz
      b. July 1919 (כ"ח תמוז תרע"ט)
      d. May 11, 1970 (כ"ח תמוז תרע"ט) in Cleveland Heights, Ohio
      buried - Mt. Olive Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio

   Married to
   Eileen Scott-Marcus
      b. August 1924 (כ"ד אב תרפ"ד)
      d. February 10, 2000 (ד' אדר א תש"ס) in Tel Aviv, Israel
      buried- Kiryat Shaul Cemetery Tel Aviv

 d. November 9, 1977 (כ"ח חשון תשל"ח) in in Tel Aviv, Israel
     buried - Kiryat Shaul Cemetery Tel Aviv
Rabbi Benjamin (Benjy) Porath
b. in Jerusalem
    Married February 17, 1946 (ט"ז אדר א תש"ו) in Chicago, Illinois to
    Esther Shapiro
       b. Chicago, Illinois

 Both are still living in Jerusalem, Israel
Shoshana (Porath) Haas
   b. (still living)
   Married June 20, 1948 (י"ג סיון תש"ח) in Cleveland, Ohio to
       Meyer (Mike) Haas
       b. (still living)
 Both are still living in Beachwood, Ohio
David Porath
   b. September 1928 (כ"ה אלול תרפ"ח) in Cleveland, Ohio
   Married (date) in Cleveland, Ohio to
      Hannah Glass
      Lives in University Heights, Ohio
d. September 24, 1986 (כ' אלול תשמ"ו) in Cleveland, Ohio
    buried - Zion Memorial Park, Cleveland, Ohio 

Thanks to Paul Porath for the above information. For security and simplicity much information has been omitted such as full birth dates, birth dates for the living and detailed grave locations.

We show only three generations: Rabbi Israel Porath's parents, Rabbi Porath and his wife Peshe Miriam, and his children and their spouses. For practical reasons we don't show grandchildren [21], great grandchildren [69] and great-great-grandchildren [141 142]) .

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