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Soviet Jewry Movement born on Cleveland's West side   Ellen Schur Brown
Jackson-Vanik opens doors to Soviet Jews’ emigration   Ellen Schur Brown
To Russia, with love 
Jennifer Daddario
Where they are now  Arlene Fine
Jewish organizations step up to the plate  Jennifer Daddario
Once out, it’s hard to get in … to U.S.  Lila Hanft
A look back: Visiting with refuseniks in 1985  Cynthia Dettelbach, Editor
Pioneering refuseniks lead polarized lives in USSR  Cynthia Dettelbach, Editor
Struggled to come out on top 
Arlene Fine
U.S. visitors to USSR faced risks, brought help, hope  Ellen Schur Brown
Ida Nudel chronicles the past, but activist lives in the present  Dina Kraft JTA
For Yosef Begun, Zionistic fervor remains despite disillusionment Dina Kraft JTA
Soviet activists who stayed behind helped build a new Jewish life  Matt Siegel JTA
A brave new world...  Susan H. Kahn
U.S. Rep. Charles Vanik remembered  Douglas J. Guth
At the Maltz Museum, 12,000 Russian émigrés are never mentioned Tamara Mayskaja
Playing a part in Soviet Jewry movement  comments about the series


'When They Come for Us, We'll Be Gone' by Gal Beckerman published 2010
Read a review by Eleanor Mallet in the Cleveland Plain DealerShe writes "The U.S. wing of the story starts in Cleveland with Lou Rosenblum, a NASA Lewis scientist who felt deeply that American Jews had not done enough during the Holocaust. ..."


Association "Remember and Save
Archive of the Jewish Aliya Movement in the USSR
An organization based in Haifa, Israel has created a website for narratives and documents about (and often written by) activists and refuseniks. It contains the only known statement in Russian about Cleveland's role.

Archive of the American Soviet Jewry Movement AASJM
"The American Jewish Historical Society has established its Archive of the American Soviet Jewry Movement to help assure that the story of the role played by Americans of all faiths in that Movement will be collected and preserved so that future generations will be familiar with, and inspired by, their achievements."


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